For an opportunist burglar, garage is an obvious place to target. How to secure your garage door and upgrade your garage security?

What to pay attention to

First of all, you should have Sold Secure approved garage defender installed. Defender units lock on solid steel base and have a padlock which prevents the door from being forced. You may also consider insurance and metropolitan police approved Ultion 3* Garage Door Lock (U) with external half cylinder designed especially for garage doors. It boasts 3 star security rating & is Sold Secure Diamond accredited. It comes in 294,970 key combinations.

Garage security – what else?

Additionally, for maximum garage security, you may have a burglar alarm installed. Preferably within a wireless home security system such as smart alarm with notifications to your smartphone and an external siren. To keep a track of what is going on around your property, consider installing CCTV cameras that stream live via Smart App.

Source: https://www.ultion-lock.co.uk/