According to statistics, 700,000 people share information about their holiday plans online. Social networking sites are full of holiday photos, but tourists tend to forget that thieves never rest. Oversharing information about how long you’re going to be out of home may be an invitation for a thief.

What can go wrong – holiday plans on social media 

If your Instagram or Facebook picture shows you’re in Egypt, it is obvious that you’re not coming back any time soon. And if you post a pic of a suitcase in your hall, ready to get off, you not only let the thief know that you’re going to be away but you also show the equipment that you’re leaving behind in your property. 

When you eat a delicious dinner on your holidays and decide to post a picture of it, you may give away your present location in the GPS-based geotag information which reveals your current location to both friends and strangers, depending on the privacy settings. Stay particularly careful as it comes to the content you show to other members of your Facebook local groups as you never know who hides behind thousands of profiles.

Applications, used for jogging or cycling as well as maps published on the web with training routes, their length and frequency can also be a tip for a thief.

Remember that your posts reach not only your friends, even if Facebook privacy settings only allow friends to view them. Your friend may be reading your post in public, unaware that somebody is peeking over his shoulder.

So, if you really want to show photos of your holiday plans on social media, publish them on the web after returning home to avoid unpleasant surprises.