Installing industry-approved locks is going to give you a discount on your property insurance. A well-protected building means a smaller risk for the insurance companies, so the more secure the door locks, the cheaper the premiums.

A BS 3621 British Standard lock fitted to all of your external doors and window locks usually translates into a good deal on your insurance. Not to mention, that investing in security will make you feel safer and greatly influence the convenience of your everyday life.

British Standard approved locks

Locks approved by the insurers usually belong to the following groups:

  • The five lever mortice deadlock fitted to all external doors.
  • Key operated multi point locking system – usually on uPVC doors.
  • Rim automatic deadlatch or night latch – an extra measure rather than a standalone solution; these locks are mounted on the front door, rather than morticed into your wall. This is why you should install them along with one of the other lock.
  • Key operated window locks – all windows on the ground floor should have window locks operated by a key.


multipoint lock




window locks


If you get the above mentioned types of locks, making sure that they conform to BS3621 standard and have the Kite Mark, you are very much likely to pay less for your insurance, not to mention that your property is going to be much safer which will give you the peace of mind you need. Depending on the type of property – domestic or commercial (such as an office or perhaps an Airbnb property) – you might choose to invest in additional security measures or even growingly popular smart home security systems. If you are still not sure what kind of locks are right for your property, contact a trusted locksmith.

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