According to the Association of British Insurers and the Home Office, 36% of burglaries happen when burglars get in through unlocked doors or windows. If you don’t have basic security it is ten times more likely you’ll become a victim of burglary. In order to have your insurance cover provided, you need to make sure that your doors meet British property insurance requirements.

What’s in it for you

Insurers use information on how secure a property is while making a decision whether to offer cover and on what terms. Improving the security on your property helps to make sure you get the best deal. If the insurer requires you to introduce minimum security standards, they may not provide cover for theft or attempted theft or vandalism at your property, unless the security devices are fitted.

Property insurance requirements

First of all, you need to fit robust deadlocks, British Standard BS3621, to all doors. Keep in mind there are two other standards alongside BS3621 – BS8621 and BS10621. They are used in commercial properties and buildings with multiple occupants. Most insurance agencies prefer external doors at residential properties which you can lock by a key from the inside and the outside. Also, a mortice deadlock with five levers or more, or a high security nightlatch. Also, it is better if you have a key operated multi-point locking system which will secure the external door at the top, bottom and centre. Most of all, however the doors are required to make it easy to escape in case of emergency. Thumbturns and handles are a must.

What about the outside of the building?

Fit sliding patio doors and exit doors with good quality locks and security bolts. On the garden shed, there must be at least one key which operates locking device. For example a padlock and windows on ground floor also should be equipped with locks.

Finally, make sure your doors and frames are in good condition. Wood doors should be at least 44mm thick. Gate to the rear garden should be of solid construction, at least 1.8m high. You should secure them with an integral key-operated lock or a good quality padlock.