Among the main reasons people call in an emergency locksmith are locking out of property and lock snapping. Door opening is a delicate process that must be done by a certified professional. Therefore, in order to have the job done properly, you need to consider several issues first.

Safe opening of locks – why it is so important

Forcing locks, especially outdated ones, may end up with damage of the mechanism. That is why it is worth ensuring that you contact professional locksmiths to install your lock and it meets the BS3621 standard. In case of emergency, such as a key snapped in lock, do not open the lock yourself and as you can not only lose time, but also damage the lock. Opening broken door locks or removing snapped keys from locks is not a skill one learns at school or from generation to generation. That is why it is difficult to deal with it in person. Of course, for an apartment door, you can simply break it down, but it destroys the hinges and the frame and is dangerous. You should only do it in a life-threatening situation.

Emergency door opening – what you should know

When choosing a locksmith on the Internet, check if his address really exists or, better, be specific and search, for example, for “Beckenham and Bromley locksmith”, “remove snapped key Bromley” or “emergency lock out Beckenham”. Locksmith with a current DBS check, appropriate training and the right tools should perform the emergency lockout services. Local locksmith will provide you a professional service. Do not reach for the first better number with the cheapest quote, because there are many false locksmiths on the market who are going to immediatelly force, drill or snap your lock (to eventually break it) rather than fix it. Efficiently carried out emergency lock out service means a non-destructive entry. Professional locksmith is going to assess the problem first and find the cause of the failure. Reasons may lie in the mechanism, which may be outdated, made of poor quality materials or incorrectly installed. After performing the emergency door opening, the locksmith informs if the problem has been solved. If not, he provides a solution. Often a short repair is enough, but it may also happen that you will need to replace your lock.