There are numerous issues that an Airbnb host must consider when preparing or upgrading a property – one of them is home security. As it’s not always possible to meet up to provide keys, a lot of hosts use a lock box. Such a solution poses a risk that a guest, after checking out, may return to the property. Not to mention that keys may get lost or duplicated.

Forget about your keys!

Problems arise also when you only want to give your guests access to parts of the building. For example a sleeping-cooking area, a gym, a pool or a rear garden. This is why an increasing number of Airbnb hosts choose intelligent keyless home security systems. By using a smart home security solution they can turn their smartphone into universal “remote control” for the entire property. Thanks to this they are able to give other people entry only to certain areas whilst keeping other rooms private. It is really useful in case of guests as well as other people such as cleaners, gardeners, plumbers and electricians. Of course guests are also going to need a safe place for their phones, laptops and documents. This is where a trusted Yale safe comes in handy.

Smartlocks for Airbnb: how it works

By combining internal and external CCTV, intelligent locks and home alarms with a single point of access, Airbnb hosts create a home ecosystem. It is secure both for them and for the guests. Sending codes using a smartphone, multiple codes issued with a specified expiry date or the ability to add additional users are just some of the advantages of getting a keyless security system for Airbnb property. When you get a reservation, all you need to do is to reach for your phone (or a stand alone device – Yale Smart Living, for example, offers both options) to quickly generate a unique access code and send it to your guests. In addition, after using the wi-fi gateway you are able to set alerts about door opening in real time. Thanks to wireless cameras and video doorbells, you always know who’s at the door.

Easy to use

With Ultion Smart Brisant Secure technology all that needs to be done is to say “Hey Siri, lock my door” or “Alexa, lock my door”. Codelocks, which also offer an excellent safety solution without the trouble of issuing cards or keys, are sold with ‘everything you need in the box’. Most of those security systems and suitable for wooden doors, composite doors and also CL4000 model to glass doors.  That is why Airbnb property doesn’t need an architectural revolution to have a wireless security system installed. It doesn’t matter if your Airbnb property is based in the areas of South East London (SE), Bromley (BR), Croydon (CR) or on Canary Islands. All you need to do is to call a professional locksmith and choose the best security systems for Airbnb property – both to its front doors and to particular rooms.