Your front door lock protects you from burglary and makes you feel safe. But if your old lock begins to fail, it means that you must take immediate action.

Do not wait until it is too late, unless you wish to get locked out of your property.

Fixing old locks: is it worth the hassle?

As soon as your old lock begins to get stuck or flimsy, or even when it grinds with a turn of a key, you should look up a good and trusted local locksmith. Get in touch with a qualified locksmith specialist who will give you a visit and fix it.

Repairing the lock before it becomes completely damaged helps to avoid the panic of getting locked out and being forced to wait for assistance. However, if it comes to the worst, type “emergency locksmith services near me” phrase in your browser and wait for your local locksmith to arrive and replace the faulty lock.

When to replace a lock

Most often, however, you should not fix your old door lock. When it is likely to break again soon, when it’s old or not compliant with BS3621 standard, installing a new lock is going to be a much better option. As long as it is going to be conducted by an experienced locksmith. Bear in mind that even if your existing old lock seems to be working well, it is probable that it doesn’t meet the security standards advised by the Police or is not compliant with British Standard BS3621.

Also, when you move into a new property, you definitely need to have your locks replaced.

ultion lock high security


rim cylinder


mortice deadlock


euro cylinder


multipoint lock



Contact your trusted locksmith to choose between Police approved euro cylinders, rim cylinders, mortice locks, uPVC door locks, anti-snap locks, multipoint locking systems and more.

If you’re after fixing or replacing locks in Beckenham or Bromley, give your local locksmith a call. Find out how you can increase your security at affordable prices.