Lock snapping (also cylinder snapping) is a popular method which thieves are using to break into your property in as little as 5-10 seconds with absolutely no technical skills. Is your property at risk and how to prevent it?

Lock snapping

It is very popular to use Euro cylinder locks for most UPVC doors (as well as some composite or aluminum ones). Also it is extremely easy to snap by breaking the cylinder and then manipulating the lock. Even if your doors have multi-locking points, they still include a cylinder that can compromise them all in case of being snapped. According to the Police, lock snapping does not require any technical knowledge, extraordinary skills or special tools. Anyone can do it at anytime.

How to prevent lock snapping?

In order to protect your property from a burglary, you need to use a snap resistant lock approved by the Police. Ultion locks have been tested by the Master Locksmith Association to resist this particular burglary method. People consider them to be the most secure locks in the UK. Provided that it is installed by a professional, Ultion anti-snap lock fits all multi-point locks. It has achieved the highest Kitemark star rating. Even prestigious Sold Secure Diamond standard accredited it. Cylinders are available in various sizes – remember that fitting the correct size is crucial. To do it properly, it’s best to contact a locksmithing specialist and have snap resistant locks installed on both front and back doors.