When you plan on going away for a break or on holiday, it is important your home is secure and safe from the unwanted, unscrupulous types that seek to break into to your property. The home insurance paperwork should be kept up to date and all the adequate level of cover should be put in place before you even book your time away. Then you can start making sure the physical aspects of the property are in order.

It is important the house appears to be occupied. This means making sure the grass is well trimmed and there are no wild overgrown bushes. Do not leave the curtains drawn. During the day, if the curtains or blinds are closed, it will give potential thieves a clear indication the property is unoccupied. Cancelling any regular deliveries is important. Milk or newspaper delivery agents should be told to postpone any deliveries until your return.

But what about the mail and those pesky free newspapers? – You can ask a neighbour to remove any excessive amounts of pizza leaflets, free newspapers, periodicals, political flyers and even your own mail from the floor of the inside front entrance. This is even more important when there are glass panels in your front door that are visible from the outside.

Timer Switches

Electric timers are relatively inexpensive and work wonders in deterring potential thieves. They switch on lights in the evening and turn them off whenever you instruct them. Moreover, you do not have to invest in a smart system to have lights and power sensors come on or off at certain periods. Make sure you know what time it gets light and dark by checking a diary or app that informs you sunset and sunrise times.

Fake TV Simulator

Fake TV Simulator Anti-Burglar and Theft Deterrent with LED Light are inexpensive and brilliant for giving people on the outside the illusion that you are actually in.

Secure Locks

It is not just on the front and back door where you need a locking system that is going to keep your home safe while you away. The back gate (or a side gate) should have a decent lock that will keep intruders from entering through the side of your property.